Angry Widow Dumps Abusive Husband’s Ashes in the Trash and Calls Him Out for Every Wrongdoing

Being abuse by your so-called loved ones is hurtful, both physically and mentally. Therefore, individuals try to find peace anyway possible.

Marsha, a middle-aged woman, records herself to explain the back story of her ex. Initially, the clip starts with an ash capsule. It is the remains of a man named Donald Lee Widener. She expresses no grief over his death.

frustated widow

Not a single family member wanted to claim remains. After that, the lady dumps the ashes in her trash can. Furthermore, with every step, she mentions the maltreat conducted by the man. Finally, she parts with the final goodbye. Undoubtedly Marsha experienced a lot of pain to feel so strongly about a person. Nevertheless, he is gone, and she is free. Please share your thoughts on domestic violence.

Please share the video around to raise awareness. It’s better to do nothing than to follow in Donald’s footsteps.