Police Officers Walk on Stage and Steal the Spotlight From Kelly Clarkson and the Crowd Goes Wild

This is by far one of the best performances I have watched on the internet. This singer really is amazing.

Most celebs don’t really seem to care about their fans as much as the fans would like. This is where their impressions of their idols get ruined. But then again, we may be stereotyping a lot of these things because not all celebs are as shallow as we may think they are. Take Kelly Clarkson as an example. The American Idol star really rules the hearts of many.

Her voice is phenomenal and many of her songs remain a favorite to everyone who has watched her show. But, have you seen the singer perform with people other than singers? Well, now you can. The singer sings the American classic song Stand By Me alongside cops. Yes, cops! And they sound amazing.

This is too good. Watch the full video below!

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