Kind Muslim Woman Lets a Karen Cut The Line Infront of Her But Karen Had Other Plans

The western side of the world has given lots of people opportunities for a better quality of life. This is the only and major reason why many people all around the world shift to those countries.

However, there are so many hurtful drawbacks to shifting to another country. People will not always be nice to another person and sometimes, they don’t even look at them like they are human beings. This video really broke my heart when I saw a kind woman let a Karen pass her by in a queue while the filthy woman thrashes her without a reason. You can clearly hear how shocked the Muslim woman is.

People tend to stereotype a lot of races and the Muslim woman was also a victim of this. It is very wrong of the rude person to have done this to someone who had nothing but good intentions. The situation may have been otherwise if only things were fair for both the women. Not everyone deserves kindness.

This video will enrage you for sure. Watch the full video below!

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