Bystander Springs Into Action And Saves Little Girl From Being Kidnapped

Like many of my generation, I grew up with the four-word mantra, “Don’t talk to strangers.” When I was a kid, news stories about kidnapped children made their way into my nightmares. They frighten me in a new way now that I’m a parent.

My incoming kindergartener and her younger brother, on the other hand, enjoy conversing with adults. They strike up conversations with strangers in the grocery store, the park, and on our way to school. I appreciate how friendly my children are, but I worry that they are too open. Especially after hearing these kinds of stories.

little girl saved by bystander

Prentiss Weatherford was standing outside his home in Louisville, Kentucky when he witnessed a disturbing occurrence. Prentiss noticed a 6-year-old girl riding her bike alone. A strange red Dodge Challenger appeared out of nowhere.

A man got out of his car, grabbed the little girl, and threw her into his car before driving away. Prentiss jumped into his own car and pursued the kidnapper without hesitation. When he couldn’t apprehend them, he took down the license plate number and description of the car and contacted the police. Luckily, the police finally cornered the man after 10 minutes. He got out of his car without a fight or a confrontation. Watch the full video here:

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