6 Ways To Incorporate Leftover Eggshells Into A Garden

I grew up watching my grandma saving all the eggshells, drying them and using them as a fertilizer. And I knew these eggshells are a treasure with  great deal of usage. That’s why seeing my friends and relatives throwing all the eggshells aches my heart.

This crackly outer layer is more valuable than you realize, offering far more benefits than drawbacks. Eggshells are 93-97 percent calcium carbonate and contain two grams of calcium per shell. They’re also high in nitrogen and phosphoric acid, providing your garden with all the nutrients it requires to thrive. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. I am here to enlighten you today. Here are some of ht best usage of eggshells:

Reuse To Grow Seedlings Indoors

Use eggshells for compost

If you have limited space to garden, eggshells can be a great help to you. Simply add a few tablespoons of soil and your seeds. When the seedling has outgrown its cozy eggshell home, transplant it into the dirt outside. The shell will decompose and fertilize the soil around it.

Scare Away Slugs

Spreading crushed eggshells around your prized plants is a good place to start if you’re interested in organic pesticides. According to dietitian Chelsea Cross, eggshells deter slugs, grubs, and snails from snacking on your garden. It’s also said that the smell will keep deer from turning your veggie garden or flowers into a salad bar.

Feed Back to the Chickens

Feed Back to the Chickens

If you are raising your own chicken, this is the best nutrition for them. I thought it was strange when my sister-in-law told me she saves the shells to feed to her chickens. However, it has been discovered that allowing chickens to peck and eat the egg shells actually promotes healthier eggs that are laid due to the calcium content. It’s similar to when new mothers eat placenta for nutrient replacement.

Facials On Budget

To clean stubborn pots and pans, use ground eggshells as an abrasive. Simply add some soap and water and begin scrubbing. You can also put a few broken eggshells in your kitchen drain to catch any remaining food particles. The shells degrade over time and aid in the cleaning of your pipes (so you can just say NO to Drain-O).

DIY Your Own Calcium Supplement

Grind undyed eggshells into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle. Mix it in smoothies, oatmeal, soups, coffee, tea, or anywhere else you think it would be a good fit. You’ll get a lot of calcium this way. Eggshell powder can also be sprinkled on your dog’s food to help strengthen their teeth and bones.

Here are few other benefits of eggshells:

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