Jordan, a 20-year-old college student, had finished her shift work and was returning home to South Carolina when her life took a horrifying turn. Now, she’s finally opening up about her ordeal. When Jordan got to her apartment building at around 1 a.m. in July 2017, three men were waiting for her. The men took all her personal possessions and held her at gunpoint. And the terrifying thing is that it wasn’t the worst part. The situation soon took an even more terrifying turn.

They weren’t able to operate her car because it was a stick shift, so two of them grabbed Jordan and told her to drive them to a gas station. The third man fled the scene. Jordan later found out that they were only teenagers. The teens forced Jordan to use her debit card and get money out of an ATM machine. They also told her they were going to sexually assault. That was when Jordan decided it was time for some action. She was motivated by a story that her mom once told her.

Jordan quickly started planning her escape. She decided not to put her seat belt back on. Instead, she instantly jumped out of the car while she was driving. Once she escaped, she asked for help from other people. Two cars drove by without giving her a second glance. Fortunately, she was lucky the third time around. The driver of the third car came to help her out.

The college student’s only regret is that she didn’t see the reaction on their faces when she dove out of the car.

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