Zookeepers Hold Their Breath as Lion Cubs Encounter Their Father for the First Time

Typically, male lions are aggressive towards cubs, to a point that they even kill competitors cubs to be the alpha male. Obviously, they protect their young ones to continue the bloodline. But there is a time when these animals have to meet their newly born babies.

In Oregon Zoo a similar situation unfolds as the team and two female lions keep a close watch as the father is introduced to his three new female cubs.

Zawadi Mungu, the 500-lb lion became father to three cubs in 2014. The first encounter took place outside the public view. The three cubs roam around Zawadi as mother Neka and another female Kya were watching closely.

Initially, the kids look intimidated by the big majestic figure. Although Zawadi recognizes the babies immediately, it still takes him time to get used to being the father( which is totally understandable).

Soon after the young ones begin climbing their dad if he would like to play.

Zalika, one of the cub looks the bravest as she approaches her father. The cubs’ constant nagging and the male lion’s overwhelmed grouchy reaction have over 23M views. Despite his initial reactions, Zawadi didn’t hurt any of his cubs and even was named the “Father of the year” by Oregon Zoo in 2014. Please press play and watch the intense encounter. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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