Lion Trapped by Clan of 20 Hyenas – Watch Who Comes to the Rescue

You can always depend on your siblings for anything. There may be times where you fight and brawl, but this rivalry ends when you need someone there by your side. And luckily for this lion, this is true in the animal kingdom as well.

This viral clip shows Red the lion who finds himself amongst a pack of hyenas. The big cat’s curiosity lands him with 20 hyenas surrounding him. Although the king of the jungle is larger and stronger, the large number of hyenas can easily overpower a lion. After all, hyenas and lions are known as “mortal enemies.”

The hyenas are nipping the lion and attacking him from all sides. We can see Red’s defenses breaking in front of our own eyes. But there is someone else who has heard his cries. It’s none other than the lion’s brother who comes to the rescue! Tatu dashes to the area when he hears his brother’s distress. The hyenas know that they can’t win against two lions, so they scurry away.

When you think everything is over, what they do in the end warmed my heart. Watch this incredible video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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