Two Toddler Sisters Make New Rescue Kitten ‘One of the Girls’

There are lots of “rescue animal loves new family” videos out there on the internet and most of them are nice. But this one tops out the cuteness meter when you see how this little black kitten is treated by his two new toddler sisters.

“My oldest just fell in love with her,” Mom said. “And then my youngest one fell in love with her.” So now there are three little girls in this family when before there were two. “They’re both absolutely obsessed with her.”

To add to the fun, there’s also a little girl dachshund named Brooke, who was also there first and is definitely “one of the girls.” And like her sisters, Brooke loves this new addition. Of course, there’s also a boy dachshund named Tucker who’s not in the “girl” crowd but he’s fine with the new addition too!

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