Biker Chases Down Riderless Runaway Horse Galloping Into Traffic

Here’s a scary but interesting video of something you don’t see every day: a riderless horse galloping headlong through city streets and a helpful biker who comes to the rescue.

This biker was riding down the street in Wassenaar, The Netherlands, when he passed a man in a high-visibility vest running and, seconds later, noticed a horse in full saddle, galloping away. He put two and two together and determined the man was after the horse.

So this brilliant man pulls over and offers a ride to the man. They take off in pursuit of the horse, whose name is Walter according to the rider.

It’s a harrowing chase: as they get close to Walter multiple times, the rider tries to calm him down and stop him, but Walter isn’t ready for that yet. Each time he takes off in the opposite direction and the chase continues.

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