5th Graders Got Onstage In Swimming Trunks, Their Hilarious Routine Is A Must Watch

Talent shows at school can get quite interesting. Little kids doing the best they can are really heartwarming and adorable to watch. Singing, dancing and magic tricks are pretty standard. But the kids in the following video chose a very unusual routine for their school’s talent show. Instead of the usual acts, they chose to do a synchronized swimming routine!

Now, you might be wondering how they managed to do it onstage without any water. It was impossible, right? Well, their solution was very innovative! The eight boys graders got onstage wearing swimming caps and towels. The crowd must have been puzzled, but within moments these boys stole the spotlight!

When they came onstage and performed their choreographed routine, the audience couldn’t help but crack up when they saw it! They went behind a tarp that was their “water”. As soon as the music starts, it’s a rollercoaster ride. Their strange but funny take on synchronized swimming was really a show stopper. Let’s hope others were inspired by their routine too.

Their creativity and comic timing is really on point! These kids deserve all the views they are getting online for sure.

Check out this hilarious video below:

[ytvid id= “PhgSNPiox_0”]

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