Angry Cockatoo Cursed At His Owner, But Wait Till You See The Reason

Having a pet in the house can really make things interesting and fun. While dogs and cats are perhaps the popular pets, birds are not that far behind. Birds like parrots and cockatoos are the most popular ones. They are really smart and they can even be taught to imitate words and sounds. Hearing them talk and “speak” is always a delight! There are lots of videos on the internet that show birds speaking, but the one shown below really takes the cake.

Eric the cockatoo is famous all over the internet, not only because he’s cute but also because of his bad-boy attitude. Sometimes you can see him the shaking up the dog, and other times he prefers to scare away the neighbor’s cat. One of his videos that showed off his unbelievable temper tantrum had also gone insanely viral online. He’s a fascinating little guy and this video shows exactly that.

In this clip, his owner wanted to take him out on a walk. He wanted to put a harness on little Eric to keep him safe as well as prevent him from flying away. But the little guy was having none of it. He flung the harness to the ground and even shouts at his owner. Pets can be pretty particular sometimes, but this is unbelievable!

As it turns out, this huge tantrum was because dad was about to put the harness on him, and he only lets mom do it!

Check out this hilarious video below:

[ytvid id= “M1c_jh1dNYQ”]

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