Cop Stands Alone In Empty Courthouse And Sings Chilling Version Of National Anthem

Have you ever caught yourself singing your favorite songs in the shower? Somehow it seems to sound better than when you sing at other places. One of the reasons for this is the echo that bounces off the bathroom tiles.

Mike Morgan works at the Codington County Sheriff’s Office in Watertown, South Dakota. He may be a cop, but Mike sure loves to sing. And he has the pipes to prove it. Further, in his job, Mike has to go to the Courthouse a lot. He discovered that it would be an excellent place to perform. So, Mike took the opportunity after hours when the court was closed.

cop courthouse

As seen in the clip, he stands in the middle of the hallway and sings his hearts out. More significantly, he sings the national anthem “Star-Spangled Banner.” The song is so fitting because of the flag in the background and the fact that Mike is wearing his uniform. As he said, the acoustics of the courtroom make his voice sound haunting. However, the echo only makes better Mike’s already beautiful voice. Watch the cop’s stunning performance below:

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