Study Shows Why Kids Need Their Grandparents More Than We Think

We all need a wise person in our life who has seen the world and countless people change. Like snakes, shed their skin and develop a new one, either for the greater good or a dynamic power shift. Whatever is the reason, we humans have been accustomed to new styles and ways of living.

The one person who might help us understand the past better is our grandparents. They have been alive for a long time. During these moments, they have gone through a lot, and every hurdle, pain, and happiness has made them agile. Like a book full of intimate stories that have been filled out over time. A recent study shows that spending time with your grandparents has many advantages besides their warm hugs and yummy food.

  1. Unconditional Love
    Grandparents are the most selfless beings; they demand nothing in return for their unconditional love. They will pour their heart out to see their grandchildren burst into laughter.
  2. Time
    Our grannies offer us immense knowledge if we just have spent enough time with them. They know the value of time. Hence the appreciation comes from deep within.
  3. Our Support system
    Grandparents are the epitome of a support system. They will have your back in any condition. No matter how hard the situation gets, they are going to be there, holding your hands.
  4. Great Listeners
    They will sit through an entire story of kids playing with their new toys. Patiently and quietly nodding their head around while you pour our your day, good or bad.
  5. Storytimes
    Grandparents are exceptional storytellers, no doubt in that. Either its reminiscences of true events or a made-up mystical story have a way of flowing with the tale.
  6. Open to learning new things
    As the world keeps changing around them, these fantastic humans have even learned to cope with technology. Although slowly, they stay open-minded and eager to learn. Next time you decide to teach them anything, have the patience like they have done it for you all this time.
  7. Excellent mentors and reliable friends
    Grandparents have a practical approach to almost every situation. They explain it with great examples. Furthermore, their friendships don’t come with the peer-pressure. Kids can be themselves around grannies.
  8. Sense of Stability
    Divorce or any marriage conflict can pull the ground right out of any kid’s conscience. With grandparents to look after, kids have a little easier time confronting these realities.
  9. Family Tree
    Suppose you want to hear all the embarrassing and brave stories of your family. No one will tell them better than your grandparents. They will whiff you off to the journey of the past.
  10. Nurture happiness
    It’s unknown how they do it, but they will add a bundle of joys in seconds. Make everyone smile with their sense of humor in everything.

These are a few things; there is no way to put words to the love and support they offer. No matter the age, spend time with your grandparents. Get to know them. You might have to shout few words but other than that. They are the most alive humans you will ever meet.