Parents Thought Their Child Was Sleeping But Suddenly The Little One Starts Mumbling…

Prayers are a source of comfort to many. People pray so that they feel less alone. They pray in hopes that it’ll keep their loved ones safe. Furthermore, some might even pray as a habit. Parents instill the habit of praying to their children from a young age. Indeed, we think it’s adorable when children pray.

This toddler in the video seems to like praying too. What’s appealing about this video is that the little girl says a prayer when she thinks that she’s alone. She didn’t need the insistence of adults to do so.

baby praying

The child was caught talking to herself in the baby monitor. Upon taking a closer look, we can see that she is murmuring thanks to her parents and other people she knows. It is adorable how grateful this little girl is. Finally, she ends her little prayer by saying Amen.

Check out the incredible video down below!

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