20 Times Manufacturers Tried to Trick Us but the Internet Caught ’em in the Act

Marketing has grown tremendously over the years. Every item on the shelf is the best possible deal you are getting, or so they say. But how much truth is there in this big-scale advertising? Let’s look at 20 big fails.

Exclusively Nerf

Nerf has quite the grasp of market guns, thanks to tricks and techniques for using their product. For example, did you know you can only use Nerf darts to shoot from a Nerf gun? But some extra Nerf dart next time to make sure you don’t run out.

Polar Opposite

The ad on this rope may look harmless at first but take a second glance. It’s a rope; a man is climbing to execute the strength and quality possibly. But the marketing team then goes on to add a note of contradiction to their own advertisement. “The rope is not suitable for climbing.” 

Free Beer?

This is a clever one; we need to give props to whoever came with this brilliant strategy. The word “Free Beer” is bold, and emphasized but if you look closely. You will realize that they are giving you free wifi and Cold beer comes at your own expense.

Double or not?

For a long time, Snickers made us believe that the 2in1 pack actually has double the size. But it turns out it’s not as large as two regular size snickers. Instead, the pack is few bites short.

Approximately 27 or 40

Maybe it’s time for us to dabble in some good old maths. The pack clearly says 40 pepperoni pizza snack rolls. However, once you open the package, somehow 13 rolls vanish in the thin air, and you are left with 27.

What are the ingredients?

As consumers, we expect the packaging to details its ingredients to cross-check them for our reference and safety. But this company is giving us 100% juice with other ingredients. Whatever those are, it’s almost like a game finds the stuff we have added in the drink—a little risk, in my opinion.

Compostable Package, I think!

These days, everyone tries their level best to buy products that are less harmful to the environment. The same goes for the packaging; a woman noticed a large McCafe Compostable coffee pods. However, once she opened the bag, she seems to be tricked into helping the environment as the warning inside Wrapper is not recyclable, NOT Compostable.

Half of Full?

Adding a toy always does the trick. Look at this Happy Easter Bunny with its bucket filled with yummy eggs. Or is it?

XL or regular, is there a difference?

This Dove Body and Face wash bottle has clearly given hope. Either it’s regular or XL, whatever that means at this point. So in Dove’s words, XL probably means the same size but more money?

A Blueberry Waffle

Technically, it’s not wrong. But I hardly believe the person paid for one blueberry waffle.

MEGA Nerf Dart

When I suggested getting more darts, this is not what I meant. Just consider this over-the-top packaging. You are getting regular size Dart but promoted as MEGA  and done in such a slick way that it almost got away.

A Copper or Steel knife

A Knife that stays sharp forever, what could some ask for more? Maybe a little more straightforward approach in its material. Is it stainless steel or copper? Who knows?

Glass half full or empty

The Vegeta Packaging technique takes the glass half full expression to a whole new level. Really makes you think.

Stay away from Kettle

In this hotel, the thoughtful staff has added all the necessary items. A Kettle to boil the water, a set of the rule books that warn on the Kettle usage. But, of course, this is just a dirty way to find someone to use the things on display. Maybe the Kettle adds color to the room.

Where is the remaining half?

Now, this is a huge disappointment. You buy a box full of Chocolate mints, or so you think. These companies are going out of their way to look out for consumer’s health. That could be the reason behind these empty slots.

Chips, isn’t the air enough?

Chips, the only time we pay for a bag filled with air and few chips. Like that wasn’t enough, Doritos manufactured large packs that come with extra air and the same quantity of chips.

The resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think?

This is a picture by picture comparison of “Cookies and Cream Stuffed French Toast” from iHop. Something is missing!

Unlimited has been redefined

This massive advert has redefined the notion of Unlimited. It’s not even that big; close to 32 minutes is all the unlimited off you can get.

$4.75 for a small treat

In a large size M&M box, inside a regular pack of candies. A grave disappointment for the sweet tooth, but hey, you stay in check with your health.

Box can be deceiving

Unless you are running late, this box isn’t even trying to hide its deceit. It’s just in plain sight with empty slots. Are they for your wrappers? Nobody knows.