Father Warns Parents Of The Dangers That A Hair In A Sock Can Pose To Babies

Parenting is not an easy task to perform. Kids need undivided attention, especially when they are small. As they grow up, finding a culprit that is bothering them gets easier through communication. But when they are younger, the only way they can share trouble is through crying.

Similar was the case with Molly, the daughter of Scott and Jess Walker. She was inconsolable due to something. Her body was overheated so. The parents decided to take off their daughter’s sock to help her calm. That’s when they found the reason behind Molly’s crying. One of Molly’s toes was wrapped around a single strand of hair, which as a  result, disrupted the blood circulation.

Thankfully, Jess, Molly’s mother, is equipped with medical knowledge. She sprung into action and went the hair out as carefully as possible with magnifying glass and tweezers. The hair had already cut onto the baby’s soft skin. Hair tourniquet is a common problem. Something as a single strand of hair can pose a lot of risk for a child. Babies are fragile, hence taking care of them requires being extra vigilant than usual.

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