Local Karen Spots A Woman Taking Her Emotional Support Pig On A Walk And Loses It

Our pets are always there for us when we need emotional support. They simply being there makes things better. Dogs and cats are probably the most common animals chosen for such a task, but the choice is entirely up to the individual.

However, pigs tend to be overlooked as companion animals because of their association with livestock. Even so, in recent years, pigs of all sizes have found a home in people’s life as pets and are treated with the same respect as any other domestic animal.

Woman Playing With Pig

This woman can be seen following the pig’s owner around as she walks her leashed animal in a park in the video. A friend of the owner taped the encounter, and his voice can be heard in the background. Karen, the woman in the video, comes up to the two friends and asks them about the pig. The pig’s owner’s friend begs her to leave them alone.

The woman argues: “This is a community that has bylaws, and if you have a dog, you put it on a lease.” Watch the full video here:

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