Woman Leaves Dunkin’ Employees Baffled by Loudly Arguing That a Dozen Donuts Means 50

During the pandemic, we learned alot about human behaviors. From panic buying to opinions on health guidelines we truly had the chance to witness and distinguish within the human race.

Even within the observation one group stood out the most colloquially “Karen.”

If you are unaware of the term, Karens are referred to the people who enjoy disobeying the law. Not only do they risk the lives of people around them, but this group is also highly known for threats and verbal abuse. One another thing that most visible is the way they process information.

Normally, when someone points out our mistakes we weigh the possibilities. But no this anti-mask woman standing in the line to Dunkin’ Donuts. She is arguing over something so simple and unnecessary. Basically, her math says a dozen has 50 in them instead of 12.

Another customer waiting in the line captures the hilarious scenario. Please enjoy the footage. Do share your thoughts on the argument.

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