Rude Woman Tries to Hit Hairdresser but the Calm Hairdresser Had Other Plans

If you are unaware of what’s known as “Karen Culture,” then let me fill you in. A “Karen” is an woman who acts entitled, as if she is owed something by those she is interacting with, and typically gets rude with her comments and/or actions.

In the clip below, a hairstylist is coloring a long-time customer’s hair. Out of nowhere, the customer starts getting disrespectful. She starts telling her she wants only her to work on her hair, not her assistant who typically does the second half of a hair coloring.

The situation escalates, with the hairdresser telling her that she can run her shop the way she wants–then the  customer tries to hit the stylist!

After that, the hairdresser gets really disappointed with her behavior. She doesn’t scream or anything, just politely asks her to leave the shop. The conversation goes back and forth. And the Karen leaves her salon. If you ask me, she is right. You can’t walk into other’s spaces and treat them like nothing.

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