3-year old Recreates “Beauty and the Beast” dance with her dog

In 1991, when it was released, the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast wowed throngs of children. Disney films never lose their inspirational power, even though many grown-up Belles have gone on to be successful adults.

The 90s darling and many children’s want to be character Belle was profoundly beautiful and equally intelligent. That’s why even today, new mothers sing her song as a lullaby and tell her stories as a bedtime story.


In order to relive the famous dance scene, three-year-old Kaylee needed only a partner and a dance number. Kaylee figured this was the perfect opportunity to reenact one of her all-time favorite scenes. In front of the movie screen, Rudy sits paws in hands on her lap, as she sings “Tale as Old as Time” with him in character costumes.

Watch her dance number here:

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