9-Yr-Old’s ‘Unchained Melody’ Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

There are lots of talented little kids in the world. I am sure you have heard about Angelina Jordan before. This 9 year old is one of the most amazing singers I have stumbled upon the internet. She is young, but her mature and beautiful voice is a thing of wonder. The video below features a performance she did on the television show “Lindmo” in 2015 in her home country Norway. It will no doubt blow you away.

Jordan was given the title of the youngest winner of “Norske Talenter”, the Norwegian version of Got Talent, in 2014. Since then, she has been impressing fans with not only her voice, but also her song choices. Many people even call her an old soul. In this clip, she performs a jaw-dropping version of the classic “Unchained Melody”.

Listen to Angelina below! She is truly brilliant, isn’t she? Share what you thought about this performance in the comments!

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