Watch This Teen With No Limbs Perform An Incredible Dance Routine

Everyone in the world is not lucky enough to be able-bodied. People may have physiological problems that cause them to be differently-abled. That does not mean they are any less human. Similarly, their physicality has nothing to do with their talents and passion. With will and determination, anyone can achieve anything.

The 17-year-old High schooler in the video is Gabe Adams. He was born without arms or legs. However, this has not stopped him from becoming an incredible dancer. He was only 12 years old when he decided that he wanted to dance. But he kept this secret from the world. Gabe has expressed that he started dancing so he could prove himself and others that he was more than just some kid in a wheelchair.

inspirational dance

The teen worked extremely hard and got himself on the high school dance team. Undoubtedly, the team performs a stunning dance routine. As the girls assemble to a group, Gabe’s solo will make you want to keep watching. Watch the inspirational dance video down below!

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