His Father Just Died and Daughters Sing a Beautiful, Inspirational Tribute

Here’s a beautiful video that shows the beauty and wonder of family life. This man is in pain because he just lost his stepfather and he’s comforted by his daughters with a song that touches his heart and probably will touch yours too.

Jewell Richins has a TikTok channel where he shares his family life with the world. His daughters, KB and Karrisyn, are wonderful singers. Together they’ve got millions of followers and views across the internet.

But in this video, Jewell has just discovered that his stepfather, Joe Hill, has died after a long illness. To remember their grandfather and comfort their dad, the girls sing a wonderful tribute: Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up,’ which talks about persevering through tough times. Day says she was inspired to write after her music and personal life were both stagnating at the time, and a friend of hers had been diagnosed with cancer.

And yes, it seems a bit engineered that they film this. But Richins has a dash-mounted video camera to capture the girls singing in the car and, watching him as they sing, there is no doubt his emotions are genuine.

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