Introducing a new baby to an older sibling can be scary. Especially if the sibling is just a few years older who is basically, still a toddler. It might be difficult to know how they will handle the situation. Every family is different, and children can react to a new sibling differently. And for this family, in the featured video, a brother and older sister meet their youngest brother for the first time. They watch their newborn brother with love when suddenly, the infant starts to fuss. Instead of crying along with the newborn, the two older siblings who are not much older stood beside the baby’s cradle and watched over him. Another precious moment happened when the older sister started singing.

The older sister starts singing “Baby Mine” from the movie Dumbo in an attempt to stop the baby from crying. “Baby mine don’t you cry. Baby mine dry your eyes…” she sings. The infant must have recognized his sister’s sweet voice as he stops crying and turns his head towards her. When she trailed off a bit, their father helped her with the lyrics, and she continued singing. After she finishes her song, she disappeared from the camera.

Source: Youtube

While their mother was so touched with the sweet interaction and she started crying behind the camera. A few seconds after, the older sister is back with a stuffed dog in hand and placed it beside her newborn brother. When the baby continued to cry afterward, the mom realized that he must be hungry.

The Miracle of a Brother's Song...
The Miracle of a Brother's Song-Truth!
In just a year or two, the three siblings can finally play together. They may fight every now and then, but there’s no doubt that the three siblings will love each other unconditionally. Watch the touching video here:

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