Depressed goat refused to eat for 6 days, then he was finally reunited with his unlikely best friend

Sometimes, people don’t seem to realize that animals can have complex feelings too. They can for a deep bond with those they are familiar with or those they trust. People understand just how attached cats and dogs tend to be with their owners, so it’s surprising why they don’t think critters like farm animals feel the same. Animals are shown to suffer from separation anxiety if they are separated from their loved ones, just like the goat in this story.

That is exactly what happened to a goat named Mr. G. He was lucky, as he was rescued from a case of animal hoarding. But the people who saved him had no clue just how close he was to a donkey named Jellybean, until they separated the buddies. Mr. G became really upset, and didn’t even eat for 6 days. One of the volunteers did a bit of background check on the goat then found out that his best friend was in a sanctuary 14 hours away!

He stay put in a corner and was totally shut down from the rest of the world. They knew they had to do something to help him out. So, one of them volunteered to drive 14 hours to pick up Jellybean and bring him to the place Mr. G was in. As soon as Jellybean stepped out the truck, Mr. G was able to feel his presence. He cheered up a lot after reuniting with his best friend. After spending some time together, he had a spring in his step!

Love is love, and it’s amazing how it brought two animals of different species so close to each other! Aren’t they adorable?

Check out this amazing story below:

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