Mother puts hot sauce in son’s mouth. Horried watchers-by react to it

“What Would You Do?” is a hidden camera show that puts real people in tough situations to capture their raw emotions. It is a show where actors stage performance, especially in public areas. There, they act out challenging situations that aren’t usually fit for public places. And with the help of the hidden cameras, the team captures the real reactions of people. John Quinones host the show where he interviews the people after the reveal.

In this episode, we see a mother trying to discipline his child in a restaurant. There are tons of people having a typical day, while all of a sudden, this mom starts yelling at her child. She then starts punishing the kid for even the tiniest of mistakes. She makes him sit in a corner and also put hot sauce on his tongue.

kid gets punishment

The goal is to see how people react to such behavior. And also to see if anyone steps in to help the kid out. Surprisingly, everyone that was filmed acted upon what was going on in front of them. The first women make sure that the lady does not feed her kid hot sauce.

The ones after that take the kid with them and try to reassure him that it’ll be okay. They tell him to consult with the school counselor to make sure that he is heard. And the teenager at the end (despite her friends telling her not to get involved) defends the kid in front of the mom.

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