Experts Weigh in: How Often You Should Wash Your Jeans to Make Them Last?

Jeans, the garment, has been with us for centuries and will survive more with pleasure and fashion. Every now and then, we are introduced to new designs involving jeans. Hence, it’s a temptation not to purchase one.

However, without proper care, the material deteriorates easily and surprisingly fast. So let’s get to the primary mechanism of the wear. The more you wear Denim, you can expect to see crease on the way to your sitting posture. And these are the weakest point on your pants.

So, to avoid breaking points, one should wash jeans less frequently than other clothes. Says the founder and designer of Denim company, Kelly Urban. Moreover, Nicole Russo shares his wisdom on the clothing, added going through laundry makes the wear susceptible to tear.

So, what can we do to keeps our clothes new and fresh? Well, a variety of things, let’s take washing for the Denim can go for more than a week without washing. However, there are other things to take note of, such as Stains or the smell. We have solutions for these discomforts too.

For stains, it’s wiser to buy a stain remover, far less expensive than new jeans. To get rid of the smell, please use a softener, than detergents. Though people do use a freezer to kill the germs on the wear. Nevertheless, the myth was bunked by Dena Bickerstaffe, head of J Brand. As our household freeze doesn’t provide enough cold to complete the process.

One last procedure can sustain the durability of your lovely pairs of jeans. Always avoid dryer. It’s best to hang them on the rope. Needless to say, the process can be time-consuming. But it will help you to keep them new for a long time.

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