Crazy Umbrella Cockatoo Loses His Temper At His Owner

Cockatoos are amazing creatures. They make great house pets and can be awesome to hang around as well. They can keep you engaged for hours with their funny little antics, plus they can imitate the speech and sounds they heart around them. The cockatoo in the following video doesn’t seem to be too chill though. He is pretty mad about something, and isn’t afraid to voice out his anger!

While most cockatoos are pretty calm, the one in this video is definitely not. He is the opposite of calm and demure! He doesn’t seem worried about disturbing anybody, nor is he scared of standing his ground. After he was triggered, his feathers swelled up immensely and it made him look pretty intimidating indeed.

This umbrella cockatoo appears to be furious at his owner for one reason or the other. While he might be really mad, the way he vents out his frustration is hilarious to be honest. He is probably very angry, but when you see this clip, you can’t help but burst out laughing. His owner says he might look mad in the video, but he is still a very happy bird in general.

You can’t help but wonder what his owner did to trigger such a scary rage into this little guy! Check out this amazing video below:

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