Hacks pop up everywhere these days, promising to make our life easy and daily work seamless. But how trustworthy are these little schemes that guarantee to replace some chores altogether?

Take, ironing for example. It takes a certain proportion of our time. But a YouTuber named Chris Bradford back in 2018 came up with an efficient hack, ice cubes. All you need is some ice cubes from the freezer, few wrinkled clothes, and a dryer. Toss them all in and let the magic began. It works because ice melts turn into water, and the dryer’s heat changes the form to steam. Which helps iron your clothes.

However, you might want to hold on to your iron for now. The hack doesn’t work on big loads of clothes, jeans, and heavy fabrics. But besides that, you still get excellent results in the usual load. Although you might need to toss a few more ice-cubes, which means you will need to dry them a little longer. With more ice cubes comes more water; you understand the drill. One best part about the hack, it hardly demands a whole lot of lists. It’s just a few ice cubes. You should totally try it and lets us know if it worked out for you.

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