Rare Incident Caught on Amsterdam Stunning Footage Leaves Internet Speechless

This is really a terrifying moment for Amsterdam as tornado appeared from nowhere and sweeps across the city The video began with the gathering of a threatening shelf cloud. The storm chasers capturing the phenomenon patiently held their camera in place, knowing that the shelf cloud gathering is a prelude to the eventual tornado.

And it did happen. The tornado appeared from know where speeding through the whole city with high speed and wreaking havoc, with the trail of destruction left behind. This doesn’t appear like a weak tornado. The aftermath will certainly be much more substantial. It is so powerful that it could go over the water. The way the storm chaser scream at its manifestation in the video is enough to give you an idea of the mayhem it would cause.

From the video, one could deduce the two ways this tornado would cause damage. First, the strong wind can rip just about anything off of the ground along it way including trees, vehicles, roofs, and maybe houses. The second damage would come from the debris the tornado picks up along it part. It is on record that people have been buried alive by houses or mud picked up and then dropped by a tornado.

Minor objects become destructive missiles when thrown by tornadoes. We are not such if the tornado is accompanying by hail and lightning. However, these have the potentials of damaging cars and lives too. You want to see how scary and devastating this tornado can be? Look in here.

These storm chasers were really close. Have you ever been this close to a tornado? SHARE your experience with us.