Tiny Hula Dancer Shakes Her Way to Gold Medal Win

Xhunaxhi, a young artist made her parents proud with an amazing win in Confederación Interamericana de Danza 2014 (Inter-American Dance Confederation 2014). The toddler showcases her mesmerizing dance act to the audience during the enchanting performance.

Xhunaxhi walked into the stage looking like an adorable bird with her orange theme clothes and feathers to match. The crowd seems to be well aware of the prodigy as they began cheering for the little one as soon she comes to the limelight. And the minute the music began playing in the speakers, she turned into an amazing dancer.

With every move she made, the crowd went wild. The entertained audience couldn’t help but cheer the tiny hula performer. Furthermore, she remembers to put a smile throughout the entire act. What a darling? She checked all the boxes in my list when it comes to putting out a show. Especially at such a tender age, she righteously deserves the gold medal, don’t you think?

Please press play and enjoy the incredible talent.

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