89-yr-old Vet Leaves the Audience in Tears With This Heartfelt Tribute for Late Wife

Colin Thackery entered Britain’s Got Talent stage with a heartfelt declaration of love to his late wife. And since then, every step of his way, Colin’s performance has warmed our hearts.

This singing sensation has recently been titled a national treasure following his heart-touching semi-final performance.

In another performance, this elderly veteran executed a magnificent act to one of the classic  “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn. Once the song was over, Colin received well-deserved applause from the crowds. Simon Cowell was quick to praise the war hero’s performance as brilliant.

When asked how he felt about being in the finals. The humble hero replied, “It’s beginning to sink in.” The Korean War veteran now inhabits the Royal Hospital in London. He met his wife Joan in the 50s dance camp. They sadly departed in 2016, hence Colin sang the song in her memory.

Please press play and enjoy the charming voice of Colin Thackery.

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