Experts Reveal How Often You Should Wash Your Jeans

Jeans have been the staple of easy and fashionable means of clothing for decades. In the early 70s, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss first invented Jeans to now; people have been obsessing over this wear. They go with almost everything without adding a lot of accessories to make it chic and trendy.

But with such handy pairs surround a lot of questions. How do you clean them? Temperature? How to keep the color staying fresh? Well, we have answers to all your worries. In 2015, Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh, shared that he has worn the same jeans without washing for almost a decade. You may ask what about personal hygiene? Well, a study later conducted in 2017 at the University of Alberta revealed some shocking reports.

One student wore the same jeans for almost a year, and another individual did for a couple of days. When tested, the level of bacteria was the same in both clothing items. So, the lesser you wash your jeans, the cooler they look. If you have major stains on them, try the spot cleaning approach rather than washing the whole item. And about keeping them in the fridge, study shows it does very little when it comes to killing bacteria. But if you enjoy the freshness then, don’t let us stop you.

I hope you enjoy these few insights on keeping your Levi looking fresh. Please share these ideas with your loved ones.