15-Yr-Old Schoolgirl Wows the Judges to Get Unanimous ‘Yes’ Votes

The X Factor is a show that focuses on finding the next talent that has “what it takes” to become the next big thing, or as Simon Cowell calls it, “the X factor.” It has famously launched the career of a number of major talents in the entertainment world today.

Unlike competitor show The Voice, the judges consider other factors besides just how well the contestant sings. Which is certainly good for this teenager, Holly Tandy, whose attractiveness works in her favor. Holly says she inherited her love of music from her grandfather.

“My granddaddy’s a singer and back in his youth was in a band. He just loves music like me. So that’s where I get it from.”

Whereever she gets it from, Holly’s audition in Manchester, England, was certainly one to watch. Her performance of Alicia Keys’s “If I Ain’t Got You,” is a great song choice because it showcases her range and her ability to hit the power notes. I think you’re going to agree  with me that Holly certainly has that “X factor.”

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