Owner Comes With A Genius Way To Keep Dog Happy Without Having To Play Fetch Ever Again

There is no single dog in the world who doesn’t enjoy a game of fetch. The bond between a dog and its ball is unbreakable. And it follows way back to their predecessors, who could catch any type of small animals.

The animals thus survived and reproduced a whole new set of species. So, the hereditary habit of ingrained instinct to chase and run kicks in, as always. Hence, making fetch their favorite game. Without it, their life is empty.

Furthermore, with immense energy like our Buddy, this game is a necessity. The dog was a rescue animal of Toronto shelter volunteers, later adopted by the new owners. The pup showed an unbelievable amount of changes after adoption. His personality bloomed, and he turned more curious and happy after being welcomed to the new loving home.

So, in order to match his boundless energy, Rennie, the owner, got him an automatic toy. And the Buddy has been enjoying it ever since. Due to the joy the pup brought, the owner advocates for adoption on social media as frequently as possible. Please, enjoy the canine companion’s game of catch and throw from the ball bouncer. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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