Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Cat Interrupts News Segment

It’s no suprise that cats love attention. Our cat lovers can totally agree with that for sure. Everything you do, they will sneak their head. Who can ignore these adorable furballs?

So, when a Brazilian reporter stumbles upon a stray cat, he could hardly look away from the cuteness. Artur Lira was filming a news segment when a black and white cat was strolling his way. The furry little buddy didn’t let go without gaining the full attention. Not just his, but the cameraman too.


The feline kept lingering around his legs. The reporter can’t help but laugh midway through his segment. After a few moments, the individuals changed the location and started over. But to their luck, the animal peaks out of a vehicle. As you can imagine, no one could hold their smile.

It turns out the feline is a stray animal, and the cops feed her time and again. Needless to say, after such a lovely interaction. Artur was adamant about adopting the cat. And their peak a boo is still going on strong. Please share your pet stories in the feed.

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