Grandma Sees Amber Alert Before Spotting Kidnapper’s License Plate & Springs Into Action

Happy endings are not as frequent as they are in books and movies. Thankfully one grandma was able to save the day like the knight in shining armor. Barbara Gusse is a loving granny of nine and lives in Brooklyn.

She enjoys her leisure time in the yard with her favorite pair of binoculars for bird watching. It was just another afternoon for Barbara, and she was getting ready for the usuals when she received an amber alert. The alert was for a possible kidnapping case of a one-year-old boy that went missing. Hence authorities notified civilians to keep an eye out for large white Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Seconds after getting the message, she realized that Barbara had spotted a similar vehicle right across the street. Obviously, she didn’t think much of the vehicle before. But it was time for some car watching instead. She hung her phone call to investigate. With her binoculars, she made one final estimation. The license plate was a match. The next call was direct to the police. Cops arrived on the scene and found the baby in the backseat. Please press play and enjoy this video.

Kindly share this clip with your loved ones, and always stay vigilant.