Here’s How to Activate Emergency SOS on the iphone Without Touching the Screen

A man is walking down an alley after a tiring day at work, and pulling in extra hours has exhausted him. While he is walking, a bunch of suspicious men holds him up. It’s a robbery. His senses are back up. He has the power to run miles to get away.

Usually, calling 911 is our closest solution in terms of criminal activity. However, pulling out an expensive smartphone while getting mugged is not the ideal move. Luckily workers in Apple have come up with a solution. In one of their recent tech video, Jamey Tucker shows a technique to activate SOS without actually taking the phone out.

To trigger the SOS call, you need to press the on/off five times in a row. Once that’s done, the phone sounds off a loud security alarm that can startle any possible attacker. The phone now begins its three-second countdown. If the call was an accident, now is the time you hang up. After the timer is over, an emergency call will be placed to the nearby operator.

Please press play and enjoy the benefit.

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