92-Year-Old Veteran Defends Flag When He Finds Vandals Trying To Destroy It

The heartwarming story below shares two sides of humans. One that cares enough to fight for the country and protect the people. And the notorious one that gets pleasure off tormenting the vulnerable. Howard Banks is a 92-years old World War II war veteran. Moreover, he lost in eyesight during the battle in Iwo Jima.

Howard was going about his day when he heard unusual noises. It was the vandals attempting to destroy his pride and shine, the American flag that waves outside his Dallas home. He went outside in the hopes of defending the flag. However, not being able to see proved to be difficult for Banks.

Not only did the attackers get away with their notorious ground, but they also ended up hurting the older gentleman. The clash resulted in a twisted knee and some bruises for the war veteran. Once the nerve-wracking story was out in the media. People were quick to come to his aid. Police have been investigating and monitoring the incident closely. Furthermore, Bruce was offered a flight to visit the world war memorial by the Blind Veteran Foundation.

Please press play and watch Howard’s life story.

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