Grandma Puts Up Sign On Hospital Window And When Ironworker Reads It, He’s “Crushed”

There is no doubt that the world has been a bitter place. The decades before us were fighting a different war. Now at the money, we fight a new kind. The never-ending battle is still around with just new names.

But there is no good without evil. Hence, we are able to reside in the world with the help of acceptance and kindness. Such is the unique story of these two strangers. The 88-year-old Gloria Porter of Connellsville was admitted to hospital due to her medical condition.

One day, she was looking out of the window. She saw a few ironworkers, one of the workers waved at Gloria. She waved and, Jeff Reick, the worker made a sign below that said, “Get well.” the kind yet straightforward gesture was enough for Gloria. She also had something to say.  Therefore, she wrote “Stay safe” on paper and glued it to the window.

The sign crushed the man as it is like an ironworker, “Lingo,” to Stay safe. The entire crew members were touched by the message. Jeff then shared the experience on Facebook. However, the heartwarming story doesn’t stop there. After reading the interaction, an anonymous individual dropped an envelope to Jeff and the crew with some lunch money. Please press play and watch this loving story. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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