We all have our things and sometimes, we want them to be OUR things and not have others using them, especially without our permission. This viral video (over 37 million views) shows how even dogs can be possessive of their stuff.

Golden retriever Bailey trots up to his bed and is clearly flustered to find someone else–in the form of an adorable kitten named Simon–occupying it. At first he’s confused and surveys it from every side.  Bailey gets more and more agitated when the kitten doesn’t move despite the dog’s best efforts.

Bailey resorts to every trick he knows (except force): he tries to scare off Simon, he glares at him and even gives him a gently nudge. All his attempts are in vain, however, because Simon is not moving. In the end, the golden retriever finally gives up and you have to see the adorable display of friendship that results.

Please press play and enjoy this funny and heartwarming video, then tell us whether you think Bailey should have given up so easily!

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