The video featuring below went viral overnight for its immense power. It’s a journey of almost every woman from the very beginning of her birth. The story shines pictures of the startling realization of our wrongdoings. In the clip Care, Norway puts words to horrifying and beautiful experiences of being a girl, lady, and woman.

The robust narrative paints the life of fighters, survivors, and insecurities that nest deep down. Am I overreacting? Should I utter the word of rejection with a smile to calm the anger? All our lives, we go through these questions unanswered. By the time girls finish middle school, they are called every possible word in the dictionary.

Should we live our teenage years locked up in the room? Away from all the trouble and boys especially. As the story moves on, we witness what happens when you don’t play by the rule book designed to destroy you. Eventually, Care ends the video with one last plea to her father. What she says will give you chills. And the saddest part is we can all relate to the horrible veracity put in words.

Please press play and listen carefully. If we don’t act now, we will end the generation of women fighting through the same questions repeatedly.

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