Service Dog Visits Prison to See His Inmate Trainer – This Made Me Cry

Pax is a lovely service dog who restored the soul of a prisoner and allowed a disabled vet to live once more. Pets like dogs simply make our lives better by providing us with company. As a matter of fact, dogs make our lives so much better in so many ways.

Bill Campbell is an Iraq war veteran who had to return home with a disability as he suffered from a catastrophic concussive brain injury. His family and friends were concerned about his quality of life, but he was fortunate enough to get Pax, a lovely golden labrador service dog.

After returning from the war, Pax, a fully trained PTSD service dog, provided Bill the mental fortitude to live again. Bill was so grateful to Pax that he made it a point to meet the woman who was Pax’s trainer, Lauri, who was actually a prison inmate at the Bedford Women’s Correctional Facility.

Bill and Pax traveled to Bedford to see Lauri. The moment Pax saw Lauri enter from the top of the hill, he ran as fast as he could because he clearly remembered his old best friend.

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