They Thought It Was a Bird on the Rooftop – Watch When Camera Zooms In

A little innovation can go a long way. You can do something so innovative once and profit from it in many ways. Well here’s a great idea that I just had to share. This dad does it for a dog but the concept would be great for any pet who likes to look out and see the world.

A dog is a very loyal creature. But, it is also a very brave and amazing animal who will save you from unnecessary thieves and trespassers. Hence, having a dog gives you the best of both worlds.

However, when you get a dog, you also need to create a premise for them so that they could act as you want them to. A dog owner built a rooftop lookout post for his dog. This dog now climbs to the lookout post to keep an eye on everyone who comes around the house.

To be precise, the owner’s idea is simply brilliant. Here is another photo of the dog and his post!

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