Incredible Rescue Footage – Workers Free 3-Yr-Old Trapped In Well

Warning: Graphic video footage.

This video shows an incredible rescue of a young girl who fell down a well while playing and was rescued by the Syrian Civil Defense group, also known as the “White Helmets.”

Little Sumaiah was apparently playing near a well in the Al Bab City area of Aleppo, Syria, when she accidentally fell in. Local authorities mounted a rescue operation and lowered Assaf al Assaf on a rope and he walked through the underground well until he found her.

He hears her yelling while he searches and says, “I’m here, it’s okay” when he finally finds her. It’s amazing how far he had to go to find her! She obviously started walking around, trying to find her way out, once she fell in.

It’s heart-wrenching listening to the little girl call for her mother but so wonderful when they finally pull her out. Watch the full video below!

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