Mom Teaches Daughter Tough Lesson: Don’t be a Bully

Sometimes raising a kid can be a challenge. You may think you’re doing a reasonably good job, only to find out the kid is acting in ways you would never condone. Here’s a Mom that found out exactly that and decided to teach her daughter a very tough lesson about being a bully.

Her daughter, Kaylee, is a self-described “fashionista,” who takes a lot of pride in and nearly obsesses about her clothes. When mom Ally found out that Kaylee had been bullying another girl at school over what that girl wore, Ally decided it was time for a lesson.


Rather than other options such as grounding or even a spanking, Ally made her daughter instead “walk a mile” in that other girl’s shoes. She took Kaylee shopping at a thrift store to buy clothes to humble her.

To her credit, regardless of those critics of the lesson, Kaylee said she thought it was the right way for her to learn empathy and later apologized to the girl she had bullied. If you ask me, Mom did exactly the right thing.

Watch the full video below and let us know in the Facebook comments if you think this was an appropriate lesson or not.

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