Proud Dad Films this Adorable Girl Catching Fish With “Barbie” Fishing Rod

Children are very much fascinated by things that are shown in the media. Girls and boys of young ages love Barbie dolls.

This is one of the most adorable videos you will ever find on the internet because this is by far the most heartwarming thing this girl has done. The internet loved this kid because who wouldn’t love someone who makes their day 10 times better than it already has been? The cuteness factor is not just the reason that will make you happy though.


The fact that this kid really felt so happy and was impressed by the gift is too heartwarming. Moreover, this is the way this proud dad gave a Barbie rod to his daughter and his daughter could not contain her happiness will melt her heart. The pink rod looked very cute in the hands of the little girl as if it was made just for her.

This is too cute to handle. Watch the full video below!

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