Dad Puts Newborn Baby in Bath for the First Time – This is So Precious

When you welcome a new baby into the family. Their very first attempts in life become monumental. The first smile, a first feeding, first adorable yawn, and above it all, their angelic face as the babies drift to sleep.

These days, parents never miss capturing any steps. Much like the clip featured below of a girl’s first bath. The video was uploaded by the doting dad, James Perry. It’s the toddler’s first bath in-home, and the couple wanted to capture the memory forever.  In the clip, the dad is not just giving a regular bath and getting done with it. He is trying to gain the little one’s attention.

Initially, James engages the baby girl in a few conversations. During the whole dad talk, she looks at him with those big and beautiful round eyes. She is attentive and focused as her dad talks away, almost like she understands every word. This video below will definitely give you the baby fever for sure.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant, it might just be the perfect clip for you. Those small feet, hands, her tiny nose. She is the cutest, don’ you think? Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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