This Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car

It’s always an adventure when it comes to animal sight-seeing. The adrenaline rush that builds up seeing a wild animal a few feet away from you is out of the world! But to make this a safe experience, one must follow some rules. And these rules are pretty simple.

Don’t touch the animal; they’ll bite. Don’t roll down your window. Do not poke your head out of the car to get a better shot of these animals. Is it too hard to follow? Nope! It’s common sense. But these tourists ignored all the signs and did just what was forbidden.

It’s not just a safety measure but some rules to make these canines comfortable at their home. But, with the constant noises and clicks, this lion had enough. He immediately stared at these teens on their phone and gave the biggest roar. In a way said, “BACK OFF!”

Evidently, these species clearly made a wise move to scare them off and walk in their own way. Giving them a clear sign not to approach them off the vehicle. God forbid, if the lion actually decided to attack, with less time for them to get inside, this encounter could have taken a graphic turn. Watch how it unfolds.

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